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Sam Healey

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Sam Healey

NYJC Summer School year(s): 2008

Help Musicians’ Peter Whittingham Development Award 2020
Serious Take five Development Scheme

Sam completed a classical performance degree on saxophone at Royal Northern College of Music and became a fellow of the Royal Schools of Music, before joining Beats&Pieces Big band as Alto 1.  He spent 6 years touring Europe with them, at the same time playing Soprano sax for Ensemble Denada in Norway.

As a soloist he has shared the stage with some wonderful people including Marcus Miller, Kenny Wheeler, Liane Carroll, Chris Potter and more, learning so much from each of them.

A few years ago he created a duo, SKeltr. They released an album and performed lots  European gigs and toured with a band called Knower from LA. They have also been commissioned  to write pieces.

In the last year Sam was part of Serious’ Take Five scheme was awarded the Peter Whittingham Jazz award 2020 from Help Musicians UK

A radio presenter was at the residential course and commented that nobody wants to hear jazz from people in old woollen jumpers. So we went and bought lots of woollen jumpers and did the final concert in them! It was very hot on stage!!……To be serious for a moment, I’m still friends with, and work with, the people I met on NYJC 12 years ago and the experience of music making in that environment is still with me to this day”.