Final Concert

The National Youth Jazz Summer School 2016 Final Performance took place on Saturday 13th August 2015, 5pm-8pm at Uppingham Theatre, Uppingham, Oakham, Leicestershire.

Five ensembles presented excerpts from the tunes they had developed during the summer school week. Each had been supported by outstanding musicians / tutors from the British Jazz scene as well as Canadian composer / instrumentalist / educationalist Christine Jensen. To top that off our President Dave Holland joined us from New York for four days, giving masterclasses and tutorial sessions to each ensemble. In a tribute to him the evening’s concert ended with everyone playing his classic “Pass It On” together – our theme tune!

Click on images to watch the concert on YouTube now!

Christine Jensen & Liam Noble’s Combo      

Trumpet    Alexandra    RidoutGroup 1
Alto Sax    Sean     Payne
Saxophones    Asha    Parkinson
Trombone    Harrison    Maund
Trombone    Joel    Knee
Guitar    Rosie    Frater-Taylor
Piano    George    Jefford
Double/electric bass    Freddie    Jensen
Drums    Sam    Every

Jeremy Price & Percy Pursglove’s Combo

Trumpet/Flugelhorn    Jamie    Beardmore Group 2
Trumpet    Marco    Natale – Miles
Alto saxophone    Sam    Macdonald
Alto saxophone    Michael    Anning
Alto saxophone    Simeon    May
Guitar    Miles    Mindlin
Piano    Daniel    Goodwin
Double bass    Dan    Laurie
Drums    Jakob     Terry

Laura Jurd & Mark Mondesir’s Combo

Trumpet    Brinley    HeywoodGroup 3
Trumpet    Laurie    Duncan
Trumpet    Finn    Bradley
Alto sax/flute    Alex     Clarke
Trombone James    Graham
Guitar    Charlie    Heywood
Piano    Noah    Stoneman
Double/electric bass    Seth    Tackaberry
Drums    Kai    Craig

Dominic Ashworth & Mark Lockheart’s Combo

Trumpet    Walter    Feeney
Alto Saxophone    Matthew    Richardson
Alto saxophone    Alex    Kingston
Tenor sax    Joseph    MylodGroup 4
Trombone    Harvey    Tongs
Guitar    Emily     Roberts
Piano    Timur    Pak
Electric Bass    Hugo    Piper
Drums    Sam    Nicholls

Cleveland Watkiss & Gareth Lockrane’s Combo

Voice    Mishaal    Mehmood
Voice    Amber    Ackerman
Alto Saxophone    Liam    BrennanGroup 5
Tenor Sax    Theo    Hayles
Trombone    William    Pearce
Guitar    Alasdair    Parkinson
Piano    Reuben    Goldmark
Electric Bass & voice    Reuben    Reed Sanderson
Drums    Torin    Davies

Everybody: Pass it On!SS concert PAss it On tutti

Big thanks to Dave Holland and Issie Barratt!

 Dave presentationIssie presentation