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18 or younger? Seriously into music? Like to improvise, compose & arrange with others? Then NYJC Kent is the place for you!

Be inspired. Be empowered. Be creative!


Benenden School,


TN17 4AA

Workshop date(s)

16th August 2022: 10am-6pm


17th August 2022: 10am-6pm

Participation cost for the session


Learn with the nation’s top professional musicians using NYJC’s highly inspirational teaching methods, where you explore a wide range of creative ideas & make them your own.

  • Meet and connect with others your age with similar interests and talents.
  • ALL Instruments welcome (not just western/ jazz). Singers welcome. Bring your own instrument (except pianists)

We help you:

  • Build confidence as an improvisor, composer and bandleader.
  • Compose and improvise new musical ideas.
  • Play melodies, grooves, hooky bass lines and riffs without notation.
  • Explore the most popular rhythms used in jazz, funk, Indian, folk, pop and rock music.
  • Become a stronger, more interactive band member.
  • Recognise the chords and structures in music you enjoy.

The programme also helps you prepare for NYJC’s top flight internationally renowned Easter Summer School auditions.

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