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“What NYJC Means To Me”

Can you help us tell the story of NYJC?

NYJC has just launched a brand-new campaign and we’d like to hear from all those who have been involved with NYJC, past, present and future!

If you’d like to help, we’re asking if you could record a short 60 second video letting us know “What NYJC Means To Me” – tell us about a summer school memory, a musical relationship that was formed through NYJC or about how NYJC started everything off for you.

Tips when recording your video:

  • The background should be as neutral as possible.
  • Find a space that is quiet and free from interruption (no passing traffic).
  • No beds or personal items (including family photos) should be in view.

When you’ve recorded your video, please upload it via this dropbox link.