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Support NYJC As We Turn Fifteen!

NYJC’s committed to providing access to our inspirational programme for even more young people during 2022. 1/3 of our young musicians ask for bursaries – particularly at the moment with so many households having difficult financial times during the pandemic.

95% of our regional members and 86% of our summer school participants still say they can’t access any support for their small group jazz journey outside of NYJC. We’re still as necessary and relevant as we were in 2007 and to celebrate our 15th birthday we’ve all sorts of exciting plans – including setting up more regional workshop series in areas that have no access to small group jazz, to devising a series of teaching videos that will be made available free online and commissioning 15 of our alumni to lead national projects with performances across the nation.

Please help us realise these dreams by donating online. £30 pays for a young musician to attend a full day of workshops.