Summer School 2016


william-pearceWhat they said about NYJC Summer School 2016

“Fantastic atmosphere—the jamming in the evenings is so much fun, so inclusive, everyone just gets into it .” William Pearce

alex-ridout“NYJC really got me into jazz. I probably wouldn’t be anywhere near what I’m doing today without what I’ve got from here. It’s the best tuition you can get (while still having a good time!) ” Alex Ridout—BBC Young Jazz Musician of the Year 2016


“The tutors are great musicians—and really nice—no one judges your playing—so if you want to find others like you to play with, go for it.. .” Timur Pak


“I’d done a lot of classical before, mishaal-singingbut here we all learned to blend and fit in with the jazz. ” Mishaal Mehmood


“Amazing. I’ve just loved playing with so many really enthusiastic people who have a love of jazz ” Sam Nichols


rosie-ft“even though jazz can be a bit competitive it didn’t turn out that way – I met a lot of lovely new people and got great insights into the jazz scene ” Rosie Frater-Taylor