Short Course



NYJC runs two Summer School courses. Successful students are allocated to one or the other depending on our assessment at audition.

sc-2016-sc-gig-2The longer Summer School course lasts a week and the Summer Short Course lasts 4 days. It is very similar in format and ends with a public concert. Students are in combos with musicians of similar standard and progress hugely over a short but intense time.

sc-2016-jammingThis course offers additional tutoring and support to applicants that clearly demonstrate musical talent but are not quite ready for the main course. This is often because they haven’t had as much to jazz teaching as others, and a little goes a long way!

sc-2016-gig-1Many students who take part in the Short Course end up doing the main course the year after, including some of our most acclaimed participants.

The Short Course fee is £330. Means tested bursaries are available. If you have any queries or concerns please contact us on or 020 7014 2854.