Every year we record our Summer School closing concert.

This year’s special 10th Anniversary concert was on 12th August at Kings Place. It was the climax of the Summer School held in Purcell School Bushey, Herts.

The bands had worked together for a week with tutors who helped them develop an understanding of each piece and then create an original arrangement which they perform here.

img_7140_35688877174_oThis year’s reportoire came entirely from British composers as we are celebrating 100 years of recorded jazz in the UK. We were even privileged to have one of the composers, Sir Karl Jenkins in the audience to enjoy a rendition of his composition Lullaby for a Lonely Child.

These are now ready for everyone to enjoy!

You can see them all here as a playlist.

Or individually:
NYJC Summer School Concert 2017- Nic France & Chris Batchelor Combo

NYJC Summer School Concert 2017 – Dominic Ashworth & Malcolm Earle Smith Combo

NYJC Summer School 2017 – Anita Wardell & Mark Hodgson’s Combo

NYJC Summer School 2017 – Martin Speake & Orphy Robinson Combo

NYJC Summer School 2017 – Karen Sharp, Nikki Iles & Soweto Kinch Combo

If you want to see recordings of our previous years’ Summer School performances they are all here. (all 37 of them!!)