NYNYJC_workshops_A5_final_web_Beds_page_1JC’s momentous 10th Birthday Festival also saw the launch of our 10th Birthday Appeal – supported by the Big Give.

The first-phase deadline is our immediate challenge – £2,000 in pledges by September. But we’re well on our way… (the pledge form is here)

What’s it all about??

Like all 10 year olds, we’ve got some big plans! Over the next 5 years we plan to:

  • Increase the number of young people we directly support each year from 150 to 500
  • Grow our work around the country from 5 regions to 12
  • Expand our gender in jazz scheme, so that more girls and young women get into jazz
  • Introduce a new emerging artists scheme for talented 18-25 year olds
  • Develop a new jazz-based CPD programme for teachers, so they can do more locally
  • Provide more performance opportunities for young jazz musicians around the country
  • Keep ensuring that cost is no barrier for a young jazz musician who wants to get involved

 At the 10th Birthday event NYJC trustee Julia Payne explained the rationale:

Thanks to the Big Give every £1 pledged in August turns into £4 for our grass roots work around the country.

Each year, The Big Give’s Christmas Challenge supports a handful of charities, providing match funding that turns each £1 raised into £4. This year NYJC plans to work with them to create a new Bursary Fund that will provide free regional workshop places for 40 young people who otherwise couldn’t take part.

To be part of The Big Give we need to secure £2,000 in pledges by September. If we get those pledges we have the chance to quadruple that to £8,000 come Christmas – but we must secure them in the first place.

Will you pledge £100 now, knowing that it will potentially turn into £400 come December?

We’re not asking for a penny today, just that you’ll pledge to support that young player with £100 at Christmas. Between now and then, that’s roughly £5 week – the cost of a pint.

I’ve pledged already. It seems a small price to pay to make that kind of difference. I hope you will too. If you want, you can pledge with your mates/family too. All you need do today is give us a few details below.

NYJC Big Give leaflet 2017Julia Payne – NYJC trustee



Download the information and pass it on: click on the leaflet here which also contains the link for online pledging